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We have a large number of items available to assist you in Church Growth. You will find some are suitable for your own reading and study. Especially appropriate for ministers is The Vision Splendid Series, but anyone can gain insight from reading these books. If you are looking for study guides for a class or group, you will find some excellent help in the American Church Growth Study Series. You should also check out the Equipping Every Member Series, designed to involve every Christian in service. Christian Growth is an in-depth, yet, easy to follow guide for new Christians.

Book Series

NEW - When Geese Fly South!
by Paul Benjamin

NEW - Maxims Series
by Paul Benjamin

American Church Growth Study Series
by Paul Benjamin

Christian Growth Studies & Questions For New Members

The Vision Splendid Series
by Paul Benjamin

Equipping Every Member Series
CDs and Audio-Cassettes

Treasury of the Bible
(each album has 24 messages) $59.95
by Paul Benjamin