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Safety Net

Did you know that half of our preachers leave the ministry in the first five years of their careers? Who cares?


We're trying to find them, to put an arm and a prayer around them.

We want to help the Church care about preachers who are dropping out of leadership. Also, The Safety Net program desires to aid in the improvement of the treatment of those whom God has called into the ministry.

Leadership is the key to the entire Christian enterprise. Without preachers, we lose our camps, our colleges, our homes for children, our mission endeavors, and church planting. How will we be able to start new churches when we can't furnish ministers for the ones we have?

For these reasons, we believe that saving ministers for preaching is the most important mission task in the world!

Unfortunately, a few church members allow their unhappy experience with a minister in the past to cloud their vision about all preachers. As the proverb has it, "They can't see the forest for the trees."

Eighty Safety Net representatives are available to ministers who are in need. They are seasoned veterans in the field of ministry and desire to encourage and "come alongside" by offering truth and love for a variety of situations.

When you bring in the stewardship factor, it costs churches and individuals one hundred thousand dollars to graduate one preacher with a four-year degree. Since more than three hundred fifty ministers are preaching today because of The Safety Net (their testimony), this program has already saved our Brotherhood millions of dollars.

Some people tell us that we have an overflow of ministers. They point to a recent time when their pulpit was open and they received more than sixty applications. What they are forgetting is the current practice of multiple applications. Dozens of other churches were also receiving the same resumes.

In spite of the devastating statistics about losing preachers, we are still optimistic about the future. If we can continue educating new ministers at our present rate while at the same time, bring back to the pulpit hundreds of former preachers, we can move forward during the Twenty-First Century with the strongest and most capable leadership force in the history of our Movement.

Most of the ministers we counsel never wanted to stop preaching. Many of them were caught in a no-win situation in their church. Then when they received no encouragement or help, they drifted away from preaching. Many of these former preachers have developed further leadership skills in the business world. They can bring back to the pulpit the benefit of their increased wisdom and expertise.

Many concerned people are asking what they can do to help with the most crucial problem the church faces today. Here are several suggestions.

First, if you are not already doing so, begin praying on a daily basis for your ministerial staff and their families. Why not tell them what you are doing?

Second, join with others who are giving to The Safety Net on a regular basis. Some people are sending their gifts directly to the Center. Others are designating a portion of their tithes and offerings through their church or Sunday School class.

Third, send a Special Gift now.

How thankful we are for all of the Partners of the Center. They have enabled us to produce resources that are so desperately needed by the Church today. We have dozens of books, CDs, audio-cassettes, pamphlets, articles, and other materials that we send out to those who want help in leadership, and ministry.

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