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Christian Growth

This study book was originally written as "A Manual For New Members." It was then published in a completely revised edition called Christian Growth. These editions, combined, sold more than 100,000 copies. It has now been reprinted in this present edition.

You will find chapters on pertinent subjects:

  • Make Christ the Lord of your life
  • Study the Bible Intelligently
  • Accept God's Plan of Salvation
  • Observe the Lord's Day
  • Assemble Around the Lord's Table
  • Discover the Blessing of Giving
  • Pray Without Ceasing
  • Study the New Testament Church
  • Recognize Apostasy and Reformation
  • Visualize Restoration
  • Work for Restoration
  • Render Faithful Christian Service
  • Help Evangelize the World
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Christian Growth
(13 Studies with Questions)

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