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by Paul Benjamin

WHEN GEESE FLY SOUTH! is a book about a preacher having trouble. In a church that knows "no code but success," ministers who are having difficulties often want to hide the facts from others, especially their fellow ministers. Somehow, they feel if they "bare their souls," they will be looked down on and possibly disgraced.

Whatever happened to Galatians 6:2, "Bear one another's burdens and so fulfill the law of Christ?" Have we, like the Priest and the Levite, become so intoxicated with our own self-importance that we have no time to reach out to those who have been wounded and stripped of self-esteem?

WHEN GEESE FLY SOUTH! is a "tell all" book. The author is not afraid to relate the story of his own fears and humiliation. He demonstrates what poverty means when you are up against some of the most powerful Financial Institutions in America. He also mentions the sting of criticism when you are doing your dead-level best to climb out of a perilous situation.

If WHEN GEESE FLY SOUTH! unleashes a new wave of honesty and transparency in religious circles - we can tell our troubles and not be afraid - then the time and energy it has taken to make this book available has not been spent in vain.

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Maxims are a time-honored literary genre. In the Old Testament, the Book of Proverbs offers a series of Epigrammatic Statements that could aptly be called Maxims.

For those who are engaged in the voyage of life, true Maxims can be a lighthouse, especially for those who love their beauty and simplicity. They help us steer our bark away from the shoals and treacherous currents and out to the blue seas of clear sailing.

Maxim #72, "Only the brave can be free."

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XXII. A Word Fitly Spoken
XXIII. For This Cause
XXIV. With Hoops of Steel
XXV. Loving A Congregation
XXVI. The Christian Institution
XXVII. Dealing With Difficult People

Get your copy today, order now!