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Dr. Paul Benjamin

Dr. Paul Benjamin is President of the National Church Growth Research Center of Washington DC, a church missionary organization dedicated to helping churches evangelize.

Following his service on the Executive Committee of Key 73, he was chosen to lead two national events in evangelism: The 1981 American Festival of Evangelism in Kansas City and Congress 88 in Chicago. He also served as Chair for the Washington Roundtable, an annual fellowship of North American Directors of Evangelism.

As the result of many years of research, Paul Benjamin has written a six-volume set of books entitled The Vision Spendid. This series discusses the minister's belief system, his integrity, his ability to think, his work habits, his people skills, and the care of his health. Each of these topics is discussed with growth of the church as a deep concern.

It was Dr. Benjamin's early home life in a preacher's family that shaped his evangelistic concern. Subsequent years have found him in local church ministries, as an evangelist on the mission field, as Professor of New Testament and Church Growth in a seminary, and for the past quarter of a century, as a writer and speaker.

His books, The Growing Congregation, How in the World? and The Equipping Ministry with their companion Study Guides, make up The American Church Growth Study Series. These six books have helped introduce congregations and college students across the continent to evangelistic concepts.

Dr. Benjamin's academic labors are marked by twelve years in colleges, seminaries, and universities. He was educated at Lincoln Christian University, Butler University, Northern Baptist Theological Seminary, and the University of Iowa. He holds a Doctor of Theology in New Testament and has completed two years of post-doctoral residence in special studies relating to American Church Growth.

His wife, Lois, has been a constant partner and encourager in this ministry. She is also an accomplished church musician.

Letitia J. Benjamin

Accounts Director & Safety Net Coordinator
Letitia accepted Jesus Christ and was baptized at the age of 13. As Accounts Director of the National Church Growth Research Center - founded by her father, Dr. Paul Benjamin - Letitia administers the NCGRC's expanding library of church growth support materials. She also coordinates The Safety Net program - a unique network providing encouragement and support for hurting and discouraged ministers and their families.

Letitia has a degree in Christian Education: Church and Family Life from Lincoln Christian University. Currently, Letitia finds joy in leading a singles' ministry. She has also served in churches from Illinois to Northern Virginia in a number of roles including: chidren's church and cherub choir director, youth leader, father/child bonding facilitator, home-church founder, and women's small group leader, and Core Leader of a Christian community group.

Letitia is most grateful to her Lord and Savior for her unique, on-going, ad hoc "street ministry" through which the Spirit has worked and showed many their need for Christ and His saving grace.