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Vision Splendid Series

A Six Book Series
by Paul Benjamin

The Vision Splendid is one of the few series of studies for the minister dealing primarily with his work as an evangelist.

Most books about ministers emphasize his pastoral role. The preacher is viewed in the midst of his responsibilities to the congregation - preparing sermons, hospital calls, ministering to the bereaved, exercising administrative leadership, and more.

Although a minister has pastoral work that naturally falls to him, he is also called upon in the New Testament to "do the work of an evangelist" (II Timothy 4:5).

This series is written to help raise up thousands of ministers who carry evangelism always in their hearts. If their potential is maximized, along with that of thousands of additional workers, the prospects for world evangelization are greatly increased.

Title Price for
1 to 5
Price for
6 or more
Book One: Believing $10.95
Book Two: Being $10.95
Book Three: Thinking $10.95
Book Four: Working $10.95
Book Five: Relating $10.95
Book Six: Resting
In Progress  

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