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Treasury of the Bible
CDs and Audio-Cassettes

For the first time, the entire series of these thought-provoking sermons, by Dr. Paul Benjamin, are now available.

These CDs and audio-cassettes are already being utilized in many ways:

  • Preachers want them for assistance with their sermons.
  • Teachers like them to help prepare better lessons.
  • Professors assign them as collateral information when lecturing on a book of the Bible or a special topic.
  • Students find them useful in doing research for term papers.
  • The elderly use them for knowledge and inspiration and to help pass lonely hours.
  • Travelers love them for their companionship on the highway.
  • Others order them for gifts: Whether it's a Birthday, an Anniversary, or a special event such as Easter, Thanksgiving, or Christmas. Perhaps, just a fond remembrance for someone in the hospital or nursing home. The Treasury of The Bible Series offers "the gift that keeps on giving."

Each album has 24 messages.

Title Price
Preaching From Matthew $59.95
Preaching From Mark $59.95
Preaching From Luke $59.95
Preaching From John $59.95
Preaching From Acts $59.95
Preaching From Romans $59.95
Preaching From Corinthians $59.95
Preaching From Galatians,
Ephesians & Philippians
Preaching From Hebrews $59.95
Preaching From The Pastorals $59.95
Preaching From The Old Testament $59.95

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