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Welcome to our website! We have been helping churches grow for almost 40 years. We are here to help provide you with information, resource materials, encouragement, and inspiration. Just click on your area of interest to see what is available.

Thanks for stopping by www.ncgrc.org.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop new evangelistic resources for churches and colleges and help hurting and discouraged ministers.

Our Vision

Our Vision is the evangelization of the world.

Our Scope

It is our goal to impact individuals and churches across America and around the globe. To date we have developed more than five hundred new Church Growth materials. These items include books, pamphlets, articles, manuscripts, CDs, and audio-cassettes. They are used in hundreds of congregations. Many of the books are also being assigned as texts in colleges and seminaries. To see a list of relevant Resources, please view our page. Then, click on any link to see pictures of our books and to read more details about the materials we offer you, your class, and your church.

If you are a preacher or church leader looking for help in fulfilling your own ministry, you will find valuable assistance in the resources available through the National Church Growth Research Center. Those in ministry with church organizations, likewise, will find items of interest here. We recommend The Vision Splendid Series and the Treasury of the Bible for personal development and insights as a church leader.

If you are a hurting or discouraged minister or wife, we want to provide a safe place for you to find support. Please visit our Safety Net page and help us to get in touch with you. There is a loving network of seasoned veterans in the ministry who want to encourage and pray for you! See also Prayer Net Connect. We want to listen, offer hope, and help in any way we can.

If you are a seeker and looking for guidance in discovering a relationship with Jesus, there is something here for you, too. Just visit our Resources page and view our catalog of books, CDs, and audio-cassettes. Or send us your contact information on the Seeker form, and we'll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

We invite you to take a tour through our entire website and see how our mission can help your ministry.